With prescription

Many people buy sunglasses for holidays or simply to wear during the summer. Did you know you can have sunglasses made to your prescription, so they not only protect you from the glare of the sun, but enhance your vision too?

As your local eye health experts, at Date we only sell sunglasses that provide the essential UV coating. This filters out damaging ultraviolet light reducing eye strain, eye fatigue and even tiredness.

We offer a complete package price that includes your frame, lenses and sun tint with 100% UV protection made specially to your own prescription.

Ask your Date optician for more information.

Non-prescription sunglasses

Even if you don’t wear glasses at all, Date’s great range of non-prescription sunglasses makes us the go-to retailer in the local area for some of today’s most prestigious eyewear brands.

Call in to check out our great range of designer sunglasses, including Ray-Bans, Elle, Paul Costelloe and many more.

Polarised lenses

There are some great looking sunglasses available – but some provide better levels of protection and comfort for your eyes.

All sunglasses reduce brightness but only polarised lenses cut out the reflected glare from wet roads, water and snow. Our polarised sunglasses are the ideal choice for driving, fishing, water sports, and beach and skiing holidays.

And they are available both with and without your prescription too.


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