Contact Lenses

Are you new to contact lenses?

Whether you’ve been wearing glasses for years, or have just found out you need your vision correcting, now is a great time to consider contact lenses.

People who are new to contact lenses may not realise that they can offer a far greater degree of freedom as you go about your daily activity. With no glasses to get in the way, you are free to get on with your life – with a full field of clear vision, wherever you look.

And thanks to recent developments in contact lens technology, today there are contact lenses to suit every lifestyle and activity – especially sports.

Contact lenses are perfect for people who enjoy sports or an active lifestyle. Contact lenses don’t mist up. They’ll give you all round vision. And with no reflections to distort your view, you can focus on the action. So contact lenses are in many ways superior to glasses for sporting activity.

I’m new to contact lenses – which ones are best for me?

Today there are so many kinds of contact lenses. There are contact lenses for occasional or frequent use – including lenses for people who need them 24 hours a day. Contact lenses can even be made to help correct problems like astigmatism or to work like varifocal glasses.

At Date Opticians we can help you understand your contact lens options, and help you identify the contact lenses that are right for you.

If you’re new to contact lenses, or if you’ve haven’t tried them yet, you might have lots of questions about them. Why not call in to Date Opticians. We’ll talk you through the options that would be right for your eyes, and answer any questions you may have.

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With developments in contact lens technology there are now contact lenses to suit everyone.

Image courtesy of Johnson and Johnson Acuvue