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Contact lens options

Contact lens technology is developing rapidly. With new materials, lenses are both healthier and more breathable.

Modern contact lenses are more comfortable too, so wearing them is easier than ever. And there are many kinds to suit your visual needs and individual lifestyle.

With the latest designs almost everyone can wear contact lenses – whatever your age. So what kind of contact lens is right for you? Here are some of the most common modern contact lens options…

Exactly as the name implies – wear them once, then throw them away. If you need to wear contact lenses for one-off events (for example, social occasions or sports) daily disposables are ideal. No need to clean them, none of the hassle of looking after them. You can even get them in different colours!

Daily disposable are also ideal for regular wear with the benefit of a brand new sterile lens every day with no need to clean or store your lenses. The healthiest option.

If you’re wearing contact lenses every day, then frequent replacement lenses are more affordable for regular wear.

Easy to clean and look after, a range of options including monthly or fortnightly disposables are available. Talk to your Date Optician about which option would best suit your lifestyle.

Astigmatism results from the eye not being totally spherical in shape – more like a rugby ball than a football. Although it was once more difficult to correct astigmatism with contact lenses than with glasses, this is no longer the case.

Contact lenses that correct astigmatism are also known as ‘toric’ lenses and they come in a wide range of lens types, materials, fittings and designs.

They require more expertise in fitting than a standard contact lens. This is where Date Opticians’ dispensing and fitting skills come into their own.

To find our more about contact lenses to correct astigmatism, talk to your Date Optician who will advise you on what would best suit your needs.

People are often surprised to learn that multifocal contact lenses exist. The equivalent of varifocal glasses, multifocal contact lenses give you clear vision for both near and far distances.

What this means is that if you wear varifocal glasses, you may now be able to wear multifocal contact lenses too. More and more varifocal glasses wearers are choosing to combine both, swapping between the two as the occasion demands.

Contact lenses are perfect for people who enjoy sports or an active lifestyle. With no misting up, all round vision and no reflections to distort your view, contact lenses are in many ways superior to glasses for sporting activity.

Plus, they’re easy to wear under goggles, or with helmets and other sporting headgear.

Daily disposables are often the contact lens of choice as there’s no need for cleaning and you won’t have your lens case to carry, leaving you free to focus on your sport.

Extended wear contact lenses allow much more oxygen through to your eye than other kinds of lenses. So you can wear them day and night – even when you sleep.

They can literally be worn 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

If you’re wondering whether contact lenses would be right for you, talk to your Date Optician, who will be happy to discuss your contact lens options.


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Whatever kind of contact lens option you choose Date’s Contact Lens Care Plan will give you peace of mind and great savings.